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‘Our Twin Wives Are Wonderful’ - Mamuzee Twins

The Mamuzee Twins are one of the few Nigerian artistes that keep strictly to the African content in their music. In this interview with Blessing Ukemena and Patience Ivie- Obhafouso, they speak on why they have been silent for a while and what Nigerians should expect from them in the near future.
What has been happening to Mamuzee?
You know the Nigerian entertainment scene is evolving, whether you like it or not. People are beginning to mix the old school with the new school and everyone knows that we, Mamuzees are Africando’s. We are married to African so it is quite difficult to divert from the old to the pure African line up that is done to the new music you hear today.
We tried it a couple of times and it didn’t work out. So the next thing we had to do was to sleep in the studio’s in order to get some fresh inspiration from God. Eventually it paid off. That’s what we have been doing and now we are out with a new single.

It’s called ‘Kige’. It is presently receiving good airplay on rad…

Nollywood: Stephanie Okereke Wedding Video In France

best wishes ever to you!

Obesity And Diabetes Difficult To Treat In Children [revealed]

Obesity and the form of diabetes linked to it are taking an even worse toll on America’s youth than medical experts had realized. As obesity rates in children have climbed, so has the incidence of type 2 diabetes, and a new study adds another worry: the disease progresses more rapidly in children than in adults, and is harder to treat.

“It’s frightening how severe this metabolic disease is in children,” said Dr. David M. Nathan, an author of the study and director of the diabetes center at the Massachusetts General Hospital. “It’s really got a hold on them and it’s hard to turn around.”
Before the 1990s, this form of diabetes was hardly ever seen in children. It is still uncommon, but experts say any increase in such a serious disease is troubling. There were about 3,600 new cases a year from 2002 to 2005 (the latest available data).

The research is the first large study of type 2 diabetes in children, “because this didn’t used to exist,” said Dr. Robin Goland, a member of the research t…

Nollywood: Actresses Prefer Nigerians Based Abroad

Aren’t Nigerian men living in Nigeria marriage material for Nollywood actresses? The front pages of the Nollywood-related press regularly splash the happy news that yet another Nollywod beauty has stepped into the holy matrimony boat with yet another foreign/white/based-abroad man. This trend struck my attention as Ini Edo, Victoria Inyama, Pat Attah, Sandra Achums, Jennifer Eliogu, Georgina Onuoha and Ufuoma Ejenobor have fallen into that category.

This brings to minds another worrying trend in black America set by black celebrities who all acquire a trophy white/foreign/exotic partner as they become bankable at the box office, the dollars start rolling in and they become household names. You name them, they've done it:

From Quincy Jones to Michael Jackson, from Diana Ross to Halle Berry, from Michael Jordan to Kanye West to Seal. Singer-turned-actress Jill Scott wrote an inspiring column in Essence magazine a few months ago on how her heart wrenches in pain every time she hears tha…

Nollywood: Third Largest Movie Industry In The World

Nollywood touted to be the third largest movie industry in the world after Hollywood and Bollywood.

In recent times, it has even been referred to as second to Hollywood after much argument that it is now producing more movies than its Indian counterpart. Quantity alone is what Nollywood has got to show almost two decades after its redefinition Until recently, the industry as presumably large as it is still remains obscure to the international market that matters.
Outside Africa it is almost non-existent, Hollywood actors who have visited the country including Forest Whitaker, Danny Glover and Morris Chestnut have all admitted knowing next to nothing about this supposedly world movie power house until a little before their arrival in the country.

Having experienced the industry firsthand, albeit peripheral, these Hollywooders all admit that the industry is living way below its potentials and they have all shown interest in wanting to be a part of the industry.
However while some of them are…

Ramsey Nouah Quits Acting.

Nollywood Star, Ramsey Nouah is saying bye bye to the profession that brought him into limelight.
"I think I’ve had my fair share. To my fans and loved ones, I know they’ll always want to see me on screen, but as they say, it’s best to leave when the ovation is loudest. I want to leave a very strong legacy.
I believe I have left a very strong imprint in that line. There’s no possible way you can mention ‘Nollywood’ without mentioning Ramsey Nouah".

"Well, I’ll be going behind the scenes. I’ll still be acting a bit here and there, but it will phase out for directing eventually. For a while now, I’ve not really been on the screen, and that’s because I don’t want to act just because I want to be on TV.
I only want to be associated with the kind of movies that are poised to take the industry to another level, which is where we are heading to now. Plus, I want to focus on working behind the scenes."

Nollywood: "Why I Got Married In Paris"-Stephanie Okereke

Nollywood star, Stephanie okereke Idahosa got married last weekend in Paris France .Her union with Linus Idahosa has been tagged "wedding of the year" by many fans. Stephanie disclosed to Genevieve magazine why she chose Paris.

"It’s the ambience fairy-tale like. It is reminiscent of culture, of peace and love; something away from the chaos we get used, something fresh, new and different”. She said.
Stephanie said she is happy at the moment “I’m happy. It’s a beautiful feeling to be in love and be with the one person you wish to spend the rest of your life with".
She also disclosed how her career has influenced her taste in a man "Lol! I guess you just want the best out of life when you are open to experiencing life in all its beauty. I want a man that is not threatened in the least; one who has his own pursuit, and there’s a connect between what we do. Respect is key".

Stephanie concluded by telling what women really want in marriage"Love, peace, securi…

Dark Chocolate Lowers Blood Pressure

Consumption of dark chocolate may be healthy for individuals of all age groups. Other studies have claimed chocolate may be good for the heart. Scientists have evidences to prove that dark chocolate lowers blood pressure, improves insulin sensitivity and its antioxidants help to mop up harmful free radicals that damage body cells, reports Muda Oyeniran.
It is amazing that chocolate which is high in fat and sugar could also help people slim down and also has the capacity to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke, according to a new study.

Google To Launch Online Storage Service ‘Drive’

Google has confirmed that it will be launching an online storage service ‘Drive’, later this week
Drive is a free storage system for videos, photos, documents, PDFs – and will allow users to ‘drag and drop’ their files direct from PCs or Macs instead of storing them on their own hard drives

The system works with phone apps on both Androids and devices such as iPhone or iPad.
It will also work with Google’s current Documents, allowing several users to work together on a photo album, video or spreadsheet at once.
The search giant confirmed today, the existence of its long-rumoured online storage service saying ‘you can get started with 5GB of storage for free—that’s enough to store the high-res photos of your trip to the Mt. Everest, scanned copies of your grandparents’ love letters or a career’s worth of business proposals, and still have space for the novel you’re working on,’ says Google.

‘You can choose to upgrade to 25GB for $2.49/month, 100GB for $4.99/month or even 1TB for $49.99/mont…

IPM 2012: Beyonce Named As ‘World’s Most Beautiful Woman ‘

The 16-time Grammy-winning pop star and actress, Beyonce Knowles, has been named as the ‘Most Beautiful Woman in the World by an international People Magazine’s poll.
Although a mother, Beyonce made it to the top of the coveted list, the magazine reported.  The 30-year-old singer, while reacting to the title said she delivered her first child, daughter Blue Ivy, in a private executive suite at New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital on January 7 and according to her “I feel more beautiful than I’ve ever felt because I’ve given birth…I have never felt so connected, never felt like I had such a purpose on this earth.”

Beyonce who has been married to Jay-Z for four years now, joins the ranks of other stars who have topped the most beautiful woman list, including Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez, who won last year.
The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, who celebrates her first wedding anniversary to Prince William this weekend, is named the 10th most beautiful wom…

Martin Lawrence Divorces Wife After 17 Years Of Marriage

Big Momma’s House star Martin Lawrence has split from his wife.
The star, 47, and his spouse Shamicka, 37, have decided to make ‘the joint decision to part ways’, their representative has confirmed.

The pair have two daughters together; Amara, 9, and Iyana, 11.
A joint statement released by the pair said: ‘Martin and Shamicka Lawrence have decided to divorce.

‘The couple has made the joint decision to part ways.
‘Out of love and respect for one another we will continue to remain friends and raise our two beautiful daughters together.’
Martin and Shamicka were together for 15 years before they tied the knot at their Beverly Hills Home in 2010 in front of family and friends including included Eddie Murphy and Denzel Washington.
The Bad Boys star – who recently completed a stand-up comedy tour of America – has been married once before to former Miss Virginia USA winner Patricia Southall, with whom he has a teenage daughter Jasmine Page.
Southall is now married to NFL champion Emmitt Smit…

Scientists Build A Mind-Controlled Robot

Scientists from Switzerland have created a robot that can be controlled by the human mind.
On Tuesday, the researchers demonstrated that a paralyzed man could use his mind to control a 1-foot tall robot dozens of miles away.
It is the first time a paralyzed patient has been used to control a robot using thoughts, said the Los Angeles Times.
Researcher at the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne, Jose Millan, said that the same technology could eventually be used to drive a wheelchair or be used in smart prosthetics like arms or legs.

According to AFP, Millan said, "Once the movement has begun, the brain can relax, otherwise the person would soon be exhausted."
Despite the advancement in mind-control technology, Millan also warned of the difficulties that plague such research.
For instance, too many minds in one room or near the said object might mix up brain signals.
Other Swiss researchers such as Gregoire Courtine of the Polytechnic School in Zurich are trying to rehabilitate p…

Nollywood: Stephanie Okereke Paints Paris Red.

Actress Stephanie Okereke last weekend painted Paris red with her hubby, Linus Idahosa as they exchanged their matrimonial vows there.

Their  wedding which held in a century castle in Paris put to rest the several months of speculation on whether the wedding would hold as planned or not.
The couple tied the nuptial knot in the presence of over 400 family members, colleagues and friends who stormed Paris to witness the colourful wedding ceremony.  They got engaged in 2010 when Linus proposed to Stephanie on her birthday anniversary.

The bride chose a princess look for her big day as she wore a dramatic strapless ballgown with an asymmetric neckline and cathedral length veil paired with a lace veil and bejewelled belt. Stephanie’s dress is the “Euterpe” dress from Lebanese Couture Master Elie Saab’s Elie by Elie.

SSS Detains Van Vicker

Nollywood diva Uche Jumbo recently saved the life of Ghanaian actor Van Vicker from the hands of SSS.
Van Vicker who was in Nigeria briefly for a movie shoot was identified with prop guns by the State Security Service (SSS).

The star said he had reached a point in his career where he felt he needed items to look as real as possible in his movies.
Some sources revealed how and what went down to Bola Aduwo of Nollywooduncut, After Van Vicker had passed all security checks, he entered the plane and while in the plane his attention was called to identify what he had in his luggage.

He identified that they were prop guns, the security persons at the airport were not convinced and said they have to get their experts in ikoyi to check this out. That was how Van was whisked off to the SSS office in Ikoyi where he eventually passed the night.
Just before Van was about to enter the SSS Office, he had the presence of mind to contact his wife and a fellow actor, Uche Jombo who at that time was attendi…

The World Smallest Woman in 2012

1. Born on 16 December, 1993, in Nagpur Jyoti measures 61.95 cm (2 ft) tall, making her shorter than the average two-year-old child.
2. She weighs just 11lb (5 kg).

3. Jyoti is 6.2 cm shorter than the former world’s Shortest woman, 22-year old American Bridgette Jordan who stands at 69cm (2 ft 3 in).
4. Jyoti has a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia and will not grow any taller than her current height.
5. Due to her size, all of Jyoti’s clothes and jewelry are custom made. Even plates and utensils are specially made, as normal-sized silverware is too big.
6. Jyoti has attended regular school since she was 4 and, other than a small desk and chair, she is treated like any other pupil.
7. Just like most other teenage girls, Jyoti loves fashion, make-up and talking on the phone.
8. Her dream of becoming a Bollywood actress is set to come true next year as she is due to star in two movies in 2012.
9. She is set to release an album with her favorite Bhangra/rap star Mika Singh next year…

AMAA 2012: Rita Dominic And Majid Michel Are The Best

The African Movie Academy Awards 2012 took place at the Expo Hall of the Eko Hotel and Suites, Lagos on Sunday night with Hollywood actor, Jimmy Jean-Louis and Nigerian actor, OC Ukeje as hosts. Nigeria's Rita Dominic and Ghana's Majid Michel walked away with the Best Actress and Best Actor awards.
List of winners:
- Best short film: Braids on a bald head
- Best documentary: African Elections

- Best Diaspora Short Film: White Sugar in a black pot
- Best Animation: The legend of Ngau
- Best film from an African Living Abroad: Mystery of Birds
- Achievement for Costume Design: Adesuwa
- Achievement in Production Design: Phone Swap
- Achievement in Make-up: Shattered
- Achievement in Soundtrack: Alero’s Symphony
- Achievement in Visual Effects: Adesuwa
- Best Achievement in Sound: State of Violence
- Achievement in Cinematography: Otelo Burning
- Achievement in Editing: How to Steal 2 Million
- Achievement in Screenplay: Ties that Bind
- Best Film: Adesuwa
- Best Film in an African Language: Sta…

Pastor's Mother-In-Law Resurrects After 12 Days

This is the 'resurrected' woman.
Almost everything about the story is related to the Word, the Holy Bible. It is a story involving a pastor’s mother-in-law, told by a pastor and corroborated by pastors and Born-Again Christians.

In Akure, Ondo State, a state where intriguing mysteries would never cease to happen, a miracle similar to the Lazarus experience unfolded recently. A 67-year old mother of three resurrected 12 days after being pronounced clinically dead! Stranger than fiction you might say. But this is the story of Mama Victoria Gbemisola Babatunde (née Bolarinwa) who was certified dead on January 7, this year but is now back to life, hale and hearty.
She would have been buried almost immediately she was certified dead...
But something delayed the burial: The nationwide strike against the removal of fuel subsidy made it impossible for the children to gather to arrange her burial. A date was eventually fixed and the children we…

Nollywood Stars Storm Paris For Steph Okereke’s Wedding Today

Richard Mofe Damijo, Genevieve Nnaji, Uche Jombo, Lilian Bach, Ndidi Okereke-Onyiuke, Azuh Amatus are among the delegates from Nollywood expected to grace today’s white wedding of actress, Stephanie Okereke, holding in faraway Paris.
Other Nollywood stars that were in the guest list include Ini Edo, Monalisa  Chinda, Emem Isong and Kanayo O.Kanayo. Idahosa’s friends and associates in high places are also attending the wedding. Ejike Asiegbu, according to inside source, couldn’t make the trip because of his sister’s health condition.

Information at our disposal indicates that President Goodluck Jonathan, who sees Stephanie as one of his adopted daughters, may likely grace the historic wedding with his wife and large entourage.
Meanwhile, the delegation departed Nigeria, on Thursday night to France aboard Arik Air.  Until Thursday night, Stephanie and her fiancée guarded closely details about the wedding; findings reveal it is scheduled to take place this morning in a 17th century Castle r…

Urine Contains Germs [Research]

It is commonly believed that urine is germ-free. Many people also believe it has some health components. For this reason, many people drink their urine to remain healthy. Researchers, however, have said that urine contains germs and as such is not sterile as people might think, reports Sade Oguntola.
Many individuals,including doctors have been trained to believe that urine is germ-free. But, researchers in a new study had challenged this after finding bacteria in the bladders, urine makers, of some women.
Urine is a typically sterile liquid by-product of the body secreted by the kidneys through a process called urination and excreted through the urethra. Body processes generate numerous by-products, many rich in nitrogen, which require elimination from the bloodstream. These by-products are eventually expelled from the body.
Urine varies in appearance, depending principally upon a body’s level of hydration, as well as other factors. Normal urine is a transparent solution ranging from co…