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Men Love Gossip More Than Women [Research]

The myth that women gossip more than men has been disapproved as studies have shown that men of “nowadays” gossip more than women.
“It is commonly believed that women are the ones who love to spread rumours, and gossip about their friends behind their backs…but today, men…is worse! Men…love a bit of scandal, and will do anything they can to be centre of attention with their colleagues and peers.”

A new study carried out recently by psychology lecturers at the Western Canadian Undergraduate University, Canada, claims that although men and women love to gossip, chatter tends to bring guys closer, and tear female friends apart.
The study found that men chat about shared activities such as sports, which automatically brings them closer while women chat about physical appearance – which can endanger friendships.
Yet another study recently conducted by global research company, Onepoll, revealed that men spend an average of 76 minutes a day chatting and gossiping with their friends or work colle…

Mystery: Baby Girl Born With Hands Joined Together

In the public hospital of Itagua� (RJ) in UK last weekend was born a girl with hands joined together, like one who's praying.
The doctors told the parents that they would operate the hands of that girl
and that they would give her antistatic. The operation was easy because it seemed like the hands were simply glued together by one membrane (skin), layer apart.
When they opened up the hands of the child, you can't imagine what was written...
The doctors started weeping and all that were in the hospital.
The suburb of Itagua� is undergoing a movement now, People that have withdrawn from church are going back and others are receiving Jesus Christ as the only savior.
God sent that child simply to convey his message.
After a few hours, she died.
Mission accomplished.

LED: President Goodluck Launches Energy Saving Bulbs

President Goodluck Jonathan Wednesday formally launched energy saving bulbs otherwise known as LED (light emitting diodes) with a view to encouraging Nigerians to buy the bulbs in order to reduce the cost of energy consumption in the country.
The formal launching of the bulb is a fiest step in government’s commitment to ensuring that reputable companies are persuaded to come to Nigeria to begin local production of the bulb as well as encourage local manufacturers of electricity bulbs to change to the energy saving.

President Jonathan who performed the ceremony at the presidential villa noted that ‘the whole world is changing; they are phasing out the bulbs that emit so much heat to ones that save energy. It has nothing to do with our commitment to stabilise power in this country. We will continue to work hard to stabilise power and as we work hard, this is a big country it will take us up to a year to create the awareness across the country and we don’t need to wait until we stabilise p…

UNILAG Is Now Moshood Abiola University

The University of Lagos, with the acronym UNILAG, will now be known as Moshood Abiola Univerity.
President Goodluck Jonathan renamed the university, founded in 1962 on two campuses, after the winner of the June 12, 1993 presidential election in his Democracy Day broadcast this morning.

Jonathan, whose first year in office had seen his public approval rating dip, said the roles of Abiola in the enthronement of democracy cannot be wished away saying the labour of our heroes past must be rewarded.
Abiola died on June 8, 1998 after being incarcerated for his insistence to reclaim his June 12 mandate. Former Nigerian leader, Olusegun Obasanjo refused to name any major public institution in memory of Abiola who hailed from Abeokuta like Obasanjo.
Daughter of the late politician, Hafsat Abiola-Costello, described the honour well deserved.
She told the Nigeria Politics Online in a telephone interview: “It is honour well deserved. We should just remember that his commitment was to end poverty. That …

Footballer, Osaze Odemwinge Weds Sarah Fallon

West Bromwich striker Peter Odemwingie has said that getting married to fiancée Sarah Fallon is the best contract he’s ever signed.
Even though the 30 year-old Baggies striker has said he wants to move away to a bigger club next season, it was with great joy that he tied the nuptials with 22 year-old Sarah whom he had been dating for two years.

“Thank you all for the congratulatory messages. It was the most beautiful day of my life! A contract I signed with the biggest joy ever!” Odemwingie tweeted to his followers on Sunday.
Apparently the striker who is supposed to be on honeymoon in Venice, Italy still has the time to check up on social media.
The Birmingham Mail reports that it was a nice small wedding that had 150 guests at the church.
‘The ceremony was followed by a four-course wedding breakfast then “nightclub-style” entertainment with a DJ in a marquee in the grounds of the castle,’ wrote the paper.
It published a picture of the newly-wed couple alongside their train. Odemwingie wor…

Meet The "Smallest Woman" In Nigeria

She is a graduate and resides in the FCT (Abuja); her name is Evelyn Ochepe... 
What a world!

How To Overcome Adversity

It is through adversity that we display what we really are made of.
Adversity: Could You Overcome This?
Paul got off 2 hours later than normal. He was working overtime to save up for a home purchase he wanted to make at the end of the year. Tired and ready to get home, he slowly walks to the car while rambling through his pockets trying to find his keys. As he finally arrives to where his car was parked, he is alarmed to find shards of broken glass and tire marks but no vehicle. Someone had stolen his car and to make matter worse he didn’t have any insurance. Paul called the police and submitted a report about his stolen vehicle.

Devastated by the loss of his car, he calls a cab and proceeds to make his way home to break the news to his wife. As he walks in the door, defeated and exhausted, his wife greets him with the biggest smile he has ever seen. He didn’t want to kill her great mood so he decided he would wait and tell her what happened after dinner. The car was their sole means of …

After 14 years Of Marriage: Nneka and Isaac Moses Show Off Their First Child

What a bundle of joy after 14 "long" years!!  The Goge Africa couple welcomed their 3 months old son, Isaac Kamara Moses, in Februay 2012

Pictures Of Funke Akindele's Marriage Today

Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele successfully had her Islamic tradition wedding known as Nikkai with Kehinde Oloyede on Thursday, 24th of May 2012. The event took place at the residence of the Akindeles in Lagos and was witnessed by family members and Islamic clerics.
(See another picture below) The nuptial between Funke and her heartthrob continues on Friday and will climax on Saturday, 26th May at ‘All Seasons Plaza, Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos. Congrats to the couple!

Picture Of The World's Longest Traffic Jam That Lasted For 11 Days

The world's longest traffic jam took place in Beiing, China. It was 60 miles long, and lasted 11 days. !!

Nollywood: "I Quit Smoking" – actress Tonto Dikeh

Top Nollywood actress tonto dikeh has announced she is no longer smoking.
Tonto who has been condemned many times in the past for her heavy smoking habit but she tweeted to her followers earlier today.

"I ve good news 4those who wizh mii well**hehehehheheehehehe,itz a silly gud newz but ya'll goin 2love diz**#Poko#
I QUIT SMOKING**#Puppyface#”, Tonto tweeted


If you want to be productive, mentally alert, emotionally balanced, and full of energy all day long, you definitely need a good night sleep. The way you feel during your waking hours hinges on how well you sleep at night.
The cure to sleeping difficulties and daytime fatigue can often be found in your daily routine. Your sleep schedule, bedtime habits, and day–to–day lifestyle have direct effect on the quality of your night rest. 
The secret to getting good sleep are as follows:
Keep a regular sleep schedule.

Naturally regulate your sleep and waking up cycle.
Create a relax bedtime routine.
Eat right and get regular exercise.
Get stress and anxiety in check.
Know when to see a sleep doctor.
Consume less or no caffeine, especially in the afternoons, and avoid alcohol before going to bed.
Sleep on a good bed and void heavy meals close to bed time.
Develop a sleep ritual (a warm bath before bed or listen to quiet music)
Ensure your bedroom is cool dark and quiet.
Why green tea is special?
Tea has been…

Timaya Is Now A Father, Welcomes Baby Girl

The Egberi papa 1 of Bayelsa is now a daddy….well a baby daddy.  Enetimi Alfred Odom aka Timaya welcomed a baby girl  this morning from an unknown lady. He tweeted, thanking God for the safe delivery of his daughter .
Only a few days ago, the popular singer stated clearly how he wants a God – fearing wifey. Little did we know that he was an expecting daddy. Congratulations to the latest celebrity baby daddy.

5 things women worry about in a relationship

When it comes to dating, most women have a few insecurities and they tend to worry about very different things than men. Your actions can make a big difference on how secure she’ll feel when she’s with you. Here are 5 things women worry about when it comes to dating or being in arelationship. 1. She thinks you might not call her after a date
The first step to building a woman’s trust is to following through with what you promise her. So if you say you are going to call her on Thursday, call her Thursday. If you say Friday, do it. If that’s not your style, though, or you’d like to keep a little mystery, don’t be definite about when you’ll be calling. It’s better than breaking a promise and at least she won’t be waiting by the phone on a certain day.
2. She thinks you just want to have sex with her
It’s a hard line to walk: If you make a move too soon, she’ll think that’s all you want. If you wait too long, she’ll think you’re just interested in her friendship. So the best way to work this …

Mistakes Men Make in Marriage

Men, you often don’t mean to nag, but you may be making mistakes that risk ruining your marriage. In fact, if you are a typical man, you are likely making several mistakes and quite often. Don’t believe me? Ask your wife.
Now, before you get all defensive, this isn’t about blame. These are not... Ridiculous relationship mistakes; they are the subtle things that you might not even know you’re doing. And changing these habits could make a big difference to your wife and that can only be good for you.
Recognising these mistakes and making efforts to correct them will not only help your marriage, it may also help your health and that of your spouse. Over time, negative feelings in relationships that are not addressed can lead to physical and psychological problems, says Silver Spring. Now I want to show you some of those things you are doing wrong and which are hurting your wife without you knowing it. As usual, I expect some attacks from the men, but that won’t matter; I am enjoying every bi…

Chelsea win Champions League

MUNICH, Germany (AFP) – Chelsea beat Bayern Munich 4-3 on penalties to win the Champions League on Saturday after the two sides had been locked at 1-1 at the end of extra-time.
German international Thomas Mueller had headed Bayern into a deserved lead in the 83rd minute from a left wing cross before Didier Drogba levelled with a bullet header with just two minutes remaining of normal time.

Chelsea's Spanish forward Fernando Torres (L) and Chelsea's Portuguese defender Jose Bosingwa celebrate with the trophy after the UEFA Champions League final football match between FC Bayern Muenchen and Chelsea FC on May 19, 2012 at the Fussball Arena stadium in Munich. Chelsea beat Bayern Munich 4-3 on penalties to win the Champions League. AFP 
Drogba conceded a penalty in the third minute of extra-time for a clumsy foul on Franck Ribery, but former Chelsea player Arjen Robben saw his penalty saved by Petr Cech in the Chelsea goal.
In the shootout, Drogba was the hero when he buried the winni…

Nollywood: Nigerian Men Are Gold Diggers – Actress

Despite all the controversies surrounding her acting career,Elizabeth Ibukunoluwa Anjorin fondly called Lizzy strikes you as one actress who has an insatiable desire to stay on top of her game. She has come a long way, having featured in over 50 Yoruba movies, in the last few years of her sojourn in the industry.
Today, Lizzy is breaking new grounds for herself in the area of   business.  Only recently, she opened a supermarket, ‘Peam Me’, located around Ogba area of Lagos, as a way of expanding her business interests. Showtime Celebrity caught up with this Badagry, Lagos State born actress at her supermarket, where she relives memories of some of her old tales, her growing interest in business and why she is still single.

You are gradually branching into business. Is it the destination for you now? Actually, business is something you can fall back on, if anything happens today. One can hardly quit business, but in the area of acting, the problem of piracy undermines the well-being of th…