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Monday, 8 July 2013

Cheating Husband Caught Having Séx With Wife's Best Friend [See Photos]

There is a popular maxim that says, “Every day for the thief and one day for the owner”.

The lady above was caught having an affair with her best friend's husband when the wife suddenly returns.

Look at Slaps!! 

You can imagine the wife and this woman have been friends since college and both work in the same field. Wife quickly calls on her other friends and the cheating friend gets a Beating of her life she won't ever forget.

See More Photos below, as she knelt down and BEGGED for forgiveness


  1. Na wow for some men without conscience. How can you do such to your wife's best friend can't you look for other woman out there. But women are something else.Maybe the woman always tell her friend that her husband know how to do the thing well well and she decided to confirm it. Well make she try forgive her.Na devil's work.

  2. Shame to both husband and wife best friend. Animalistic beings

  3. This is the reason why I make ABSOLUTELY NO friends, just like Warrior the Musician said "Onyeoma nmnu eji egbu ya" Your best friend is your worst enemy. "There is no art to find the mind's construction in the face..." William Shakespeare.Imagine such betrayal of trust and confidence from both people the House wife loved and trusted! Why blame the Husband? Such is the nature of man! They are doggish in nature, and some men are just that doggish! It is the place of a true lady to just say NO! I once had a Sierra Leonean girlfriend who was like a sister to me, oftentimes cooked for me.Several times, her husband will invite me to come meet him when he said she will not be in the house.When he never got me to sink low to his slimy standards, he told my friend I was gay! "Sour grapes" Psychology calls it. If you cannot harness something just give it a bad name! As my God whom I worship in spirit and in truth always responds to the harsh rhetoric in my life, I was coming back from a date with my White Fiancee at the time, at 2:00 AM and who did we run into? my friends husband!
    I later told my friend that I never offer sacrifice with the eggs of my favorite hen! I know she caught my drift!


  5. Please forgive her she has come to her senses it could be the husband talk her into the relationship and women with their shallow thinking easily fall to the make request .

  6. Who had time to take those picture at the heat of the incidence. i don't believe it.

  7. Everyone always thinks its just the women fault well if the table were turned then it would be the same its never both of them faults its always just the one dump them both xause there not worth the breath

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