Jonathan Has Rubbished Fight Against Corruption - Nuhu Ribadu

Former Chairman of the EFCC, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, on Sunday accused President Goodluck Jonathan and other key officials of the government of rubbishing anti-corruption war in the country.

“So many corrupt people get away with their acts, largely because of their relationships with heads of institutions that ought to counter or expose their abuse of office.

“Some convicts are being granted state pardon, thereby rubbishing the whole effort at corruption. These practices have turned corruption into a sort of culturally or ethically accepted trend.”

He stated this in Lagos at the pre-Ramadan lecture organised by the University of Lagos Muslim Alumni Association with the theme, “Corruption and Justice in Nigeria”.

Ribadu said that only a corrupt- free president “who is also ready to subject his cronies to processes of the law, in case of infringement, can lead the crusade against corruption.”

The former EFCC boss also cited impunity and lack of political will to fight corruption as one of the basic reasons why the menace persists in the country.

“To call corruption evil is a cliché, but there may be no better way to put it. Most people familiar with my professional work will recall easily that I have consistently argued that corruption represents the most important factor that undermines our independence, our economy, and most certainly our politics."