My Encounter with the Senator [An Innocent Mistake]

Ladies, please learn from this heart touching story from Miss Petite Nigeria.
It was Nov 2011, six months after I lost my heart..My dad. I was bored.I was heartbroken.I needed Love. Facebook was boring so I decided to learn the rudiments of twitter.Having just 10 followers, I decided to seek followers from my facebook friends 
"Kindly follow me @ misspetitenaija on twitter" I wrote on my Facebook wall. It must have been five minutes later when I got a Facebook message "I don't know much about following you on twitter but I could follow you on phone". This made me smile for reasons I don't understand and I found myself replying this strange man's message ,with my number of course.
He called me immediately and he sounded so warm and well schooled. He inquired about my background and I told him the usual" My dad was late ,first child,Law Graduate and all"
I could feel the initial enthusiasm in his voice dampen " I thought you were still in secondary school", he said.  
I wasn't surprised,I got that a lot and though many think I'm lucky,it has its downsides like walking into a serious meeting and everyone pauses asking "We want to speak with your boss, not you."That shocking moment when you say "I'm the boss"..Lol sorry for the digression.
So he asked me a few questions like if I'd been to Abuja and what countries I had traveled to and I told him I'd never been to Abuja.He was obviously happy to hear this and promised to invite me over. I was ecstatic. When we ended the conversation, I thought about checking his profile on Facebook but was too tired and decided to do that the next day 
The next day he called and asked me about my plans. I told him about a project I was working on which needed sponsors..He was happy and said he would do everything in his power to see that it pulls through he told me he had good thoughts about me and would want to help me.  
He said he had a court case and would have to be in court the following week. Maybe I should come to Abuja with my proposals and my CV. I was happy ..Then I asked him" What do you do"? He stuttered, slightly surprised .I continued.."Are you a lawyer"? Yes..yes...I am a lawyer" he replied.

So the next day, he called me and said he was on his way to Ghana.He felt it would be best if I came over to Ghana to see him.He said it would give me the opportunity to see the country since I hadn't been there. I was excited as he made plans to book for my ticket. 
By evening, when he called to confirm when I would like to leave, I had grown cold. I just didn't know why but I thought to myself" What are you going to Ghana to do"? This is not business, this is pleasure." 
I told him I would rather wait till he gets to Abuja . Two days later, he returned to Abuja, booked my flight and I was preparing to leave when it hit me" I DID'NT KNOW WHO THIS MAN WAS" He sounded young, learned, was a lawyer and all but I didn't know him.
So I told my friend and I logged on to his Facebook page to see what I could gather. There wasn't much.No relationship status. no photos apart from his. I was just about to close the page when I saw a friend's message on his wall. 
It read" Congrats Honorable on the court ruling in your favor" Well, he's a good lawyer, wins cases. On a second thought I decided to scroll down and the messages didn't seem like those for a lawyer. He was a senator .He had been battling with a rival over the elections. This was a powerful man.  
My first instinct was to jump"I am made. I know a Senator of the Federal republic of Nigeria". This means contracts, sponsorship,money lol .Then It hit me" Why me"? Why would a senator just take interest in me"? 
I confided in my friend and she told me  
-Do not to let him know you are aware of his status 
- Do not sleep with him 
-Make Sure  you use this contact wisely 
With this in mind, I was Abuja bound.Landing in Abuja, I took a cab to Hilton Hotel where he said he was. 
My mind rang a bell..Hotel? This man won't sleep in the same room with me right? 
Then I saw him.His picture did him no justice as he was a handsome man. He took me up to my suite and my mind was racing.I hope this man doesn't try anything. 
I was just thinking when he told me how happy he was to see me.He said I was going to spend the night there because he had a court case the next morning and had to prepare.He still didn't tell me who he really was. Dropping a large sum of money with me, he asked for my CV, took a look at my works and was obviously impressed. He said we would discuss the next day and he left. 
I was so happy.What a good man. He just wants to help me. 
I slept and was awoken by a phone call in the morning .He asked me If I would like to go to court with him. I was happy.I was a lawyer wasn't I? 
So he sent a bulky looking aide to pick me up and meet him somewhere. When we met him, we got into a jeep and off we drove.. We must have driven for an hour when I noticed this wasn't Abuja, we were heading towards ............ State 
Then I asked him slightly surprised.He told me he felt he told me earlier.He said he was from there and that's where the case  was being tried.He opened up about his position.He said he won but his opponent had been contesting it making him spend huge amounts of money and time.He said this was the last court appearance and he just had to win ...and then it hit me...
"What the hell was I thinking following a politician with a court case around? What a mistake. Three strange men in the car, here we were riding through bushes.SACRIFICE .Emeh you are the sacrificial lamb for this case" 
I started praying silently and immediately told him I had to pee when we got to a village.I got down and my instincts told me "RUN EMEH, RUN" But run to where? So, I picked up my phone and  tried to call  my friend, there was no network. 
The only person whose pings were delivering was a guy who was toasting me, I liked him small .How was I to tell him I was with a senator? Bad market 
I got back to the car and we continued our journey. We got to a village and he alighted from the car and told me he would come later. The village was an hour from the town" 
In my mind, I felt, he has gone to get the jazz from the jazzman, he would come and use it on me this night. The court case was the next morning .I was doomed 
So, we got to the hotel we were to Lodge in , the Aide dropped me off and went back to the village. I wanted to charge my phone which was dead when I realized I forgot my charger.
"I said,,God,let your will be done" and I slept off. By night he returned and i have never been so scared..So, out of nowhere, I started crying .He was shocked" Whats wrong Emeh"?
And I just started telling him how sad I was after the loss of my dad, the controversies surrounding his death and I told him one shocking detail 
"I told him about my inability to sleep at nights because my dad keeps appearing in my dreams, guiding me.I told him we talk at nights. I told him I was tired of my dad not letting go.
"I'm scared of you Emeh" He said suddenly. I looked at him ,slight confused" Yes, I'm scared of you".Your dad is a powerful man..a really powerful man" 
I tried to ask why he felt so, he didn't say a word but turned away and left the room.
The next morning, he said the case was adjourned ,and we left for Abuja. We went to Nicon Hilton.He paid for a suite and then he told me he would love to help me but his case was weighing down on him. He said he would see me soon and we would discuss the project.
He then gave me a bundle of money totaling 150k , gave me a flight ticket for the next morning.
I was shocked by his kindness and lack of desire to initiate sex. 
The next morning, I was off to Lagos.I got to Lagos safely, called him to tell him I had arrived..Then I realized he didn't call back. I confided in my friend and she said he was probably busy and told me to be happy he just wanted to help me, not have anything sexual to do with me.. 
After two weeks of not calling me, I called him and his tone was so cold...I cut the call, and slept....then I dreamt. Waking up, It hit me......I was probably going to end up as one of those girls..God saved my life by inspiring me to tell the story I did.It scared him...(That was the feeling I had. I tried to tell myself, it was the case weighing down on him..but I knew men aren't just that nice.I wasn't a charity case) 
Then I thought about all the ladies like myself, so carefree, who go out to meet people we know nothing about,.Ladies who travel to other states to visit men we meet on facebook...It doesn't mean they are prostitutes, it doesn't men they are cheap. Sometimes, all it takes is the right words said by a wrong person 
I decided to share this story tonight  , to inspire other ladies..and to identify with those who once made such a mistake...Some are lucky, others are not.Some have found love, some have met their deaths... 
It's a dangerous thing to do..This is dedicated to all the girls who have passed away because of an innocent mistake like mine


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